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Startup Test Lab

Simple & fast approach to help prevent bugs

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Startup way of Testing

Blind Spots

Blind spots

Blind spots Often the inability to focus on areas that are frequently breaking

Solving Burning Issues

Solving burning issues

Understanding and avoiding issues that hamper your execution and user experience

User Analysis

User analysis

Identifying areas that lacks conversions and the areas that are hard to navigate

User Experience

User experience

Digging into the details of where it lacks precision thereby helping users to obtain what they want


How does your app comply with your business goals? We understand the market fit regardless of acquired customers by analyzing and questioning throughout the iteration journey.

How does your app use memory / CPU / network usage? Speed is a weapon to get ahead of competition.We give Importance to app behavior and behavior analysis to help in product development

With the closest app in the market. Your competitors are stuck with slow software. Turn that to your advantage. Close bugs faster or enjoy customer churn.

Where does your app stand with Guidelines of UX - Android and iOS. We focus on redirecting data to understand, prioritize, and enhance user experience.

What can be improved? We help you document every step of this journey. This adds to product understanding and results in better engineering practices.

What gets covered in Startup Test Lab?

Functional Coverage Graph

Functional Coverage

Test Coverage in one of the most critical activities during execution. In order to achieve maximum requirement acceptance, we need to create a complete map of the application. This map covers both explicit and implicit dimensions alongside a comprehensive guide for testers to test every area in a very limited time period.

Comparison UI/UX Tesing Graph 1
Comparison UI/UX Testing Graph 2
Comparison UI/UX Testing Graph 3

UI/UX Testing

Our testing is also focused on finding loopholes and risks associated with User Experience and Interface interactions. We test on the basis of happy paths, negative paths, accessibility, navigation, application esthetics, colors, themes, and the association with the startup's own business image. We also test the combination of functional aspects with the interfaces in order to track critical experience bugs, before our customer does.

Competitor Analysis Graph 1
Competitor Analysis Graph 2
Competitor Analysis Graph 3

Competitor Analysis

One of our main aims is to perform an in-depth analysis of similar domains while testing the primary startups. We do this, so our client can get a 1+ advantage with our test results and can compete with its existing competitors. The analysis contains, similarities, application accessibility, compatibility, installability, familiarity, and usability parameters.

Device Coverage Graph 1
Device Coverage Graph 2

Device Coverage

We believe in shifting context from one platform to another, for this, we are maintaining a range of hardware and equipment libraries to satisfy the needs of our tester and provision a bulls-eye service to our clients. For this, we use a range of devices from various vendors and manufacturers, including mobile, laptops, handheld, wearables, and desktop machines.

Performance Analysis 1
Performance Analysis 2
Performance Analysis 3

Performance Analysis

The most important aspect of existence and service in a startup ecosystem  is how your website, application, or mobile solution performs in a stressed, overloaded, and unreliable environment. Moolya make sure to test the application on several parameters such as "Response Time'', "Throughputs", "Transactions per second", "Delays", "Memory Leaks", and "System Performance" to make sure that the developers are well - aware of these loopholes and can setup measures when the peak time arrives.

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